Pike Center


Donations. Legacies. 

How Pike Center is Funded

Pike Center is an initiative of SIL International, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and is funded through donations, project grants and sales of publications. Your gift to the Pike Center General Fund will allow us to support more scholar development, research, publishing, and thought leadership. To become part of propelling language development for generations to come, consider the following options:


Give Now


Make checks payable to "SIL International" and include a note indicating your preference for "Pike Center". Mail your check to:


SIL International
Pike Center
7500 W Camp Wisdom Rd
Dallas, TX 75236

Non-cash and Legacy Giving

We have partnered with the Wycliffe Foundation to enable non-cash and legacy giving to SIL International. See their page on Ways to Give to learn about the kinds of assets that can be given and about ways of giving that provide tax benefits and even life income. Send an email to give@pikecenter.org in order to begin a dialogue with our representative.