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Scholar Development

The Scholar Development program seeks to develop the next generation of scholars who will give leadership to the task of extending the boundaries of knowledge within the movement of language development and Bible translation.

Participants in the Scholar Development program already hold a doctoral degree or are currently enrolled in a doctoral study program. Our program supplements their degree by:

  • Examining the call to integrative scholarship and its multiple dimensions.
  • Growing in vision for how our scholarship can make a difference in the world and the means of funding the needed research.
  • Practicing the craft of scholarship by growing a publishing record. 

Each of these activities are pursued under the guidance of one of the Fellows of the Pike Center as a mentor.

Sponsored Research

Our Sponsored Research program provides funding that enables scholars associated with the Pike Center to generate new knowledge and disseminate it. We do this through a number of services: 

  • The Individual Research Accounts System gives participants  the ability to manage funds for their own research activities that have been awarded to them by Pike Center or that they have raised through donations, consulting fees, royalties, etc. 
  • The Small Grants Program allows participants to apply for a small grant of funds from Pike Center's general research fund.
  • The Foundation Resourcing Service helps scholars to draft concept papers about large research projects they want to pursue and then works as a broker to help them find a foundation that would be interested in receiving a full project proposal.

Agile Publishing

Our Agile Publishing program gives our scholars a platform for sharing and refining new contributions to growing bodies of knowledge that support the language development movement.

Participants learn how to operate the Leanpub platform to incubate new books such as an unpublished thesis or dissertation, a collection of previous papers, a work-in-progress textbook, a new monograph or even the proceedings of a workshop or symposium. 

The platform has a generous royalty formula (namely, 90% to the author) and the resulting royalty payments are deposited into the Individual Research Account of the author. When completed, titles with a wide appeal may be published in print with another publisher.

Thought Leadership

The Pike Center Symposium Series convenes scholars and other thought leaders in our movement to work on advancing knowledge in key problem areas and to set the agenda for further research.

Pike Center symposiums are dynamic events that promote a free flow of new ideas around strategic problems. Each symposium's content is developed by a Pike Center Fellow, who frames the Call for Papers and chairs the organizing committee. 

The symposium format combines brief presentations with ample time for critical discussion and feedback from the other authors and attendees. Time is also set aside for formulating an agenda for further research. The final result of every symposium is a published volume of proceedings, including a synthetic introduction by the organizer, all the papers revised after peer feedback, and a statement of the consensus on an agenda for further research.